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Each design-element of the Ullman Chair has a precise ergonomic function that will contribute to your well-being

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The patented broken ergonomic seat gives you the opportunity to sit in balance. Your spine automatically adopts its natural S shape which prevents lower back pain.


The ergonomic backrest is designed to support the whole back – from the head to the pelvis - distributing pressure evenly, avoiding bad    circulation. The refined shape offers arms and shoulders total freedom of movement. By moving your shoulders back, you are able to breath fully.


The unique balance mechanism is fine-tuned to each height and weight to allow perfectly balanced sitting. It allows your body to be in movement during work avoiding asymmetrical muscular stress

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When you recline the specially ergonomically designed head-rest carries 2/3 of the weight of your head unloading your neck and shoulders. This relieves muscular tension and allows for optimal relaxation.